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Greetings from the President  

It is a privilege to greet you, Healthy Mountain Community (CSDLM) was founded on August 22, 2005 due to the recognition of a space for the management of communities to be healthier.


At that time it was a myth  say that preventive medicine  was the foundation of public health in  our culture of primary health services at the private level, but time made out of necessity  the change of society and today is fundamental for the improvement of the health of our people.


Among our achievements we have matured as an organization and today we can count on the support of a group of volunteer professionals who have been working to achieve  the local and international goals we have set for expansion  in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the United States in 2018.


Healthy Mountain Community is recognized in December 2015  by the United States Centers for Disease Control to develop the National Diabetes Prevention Program in Puerto Rico  having completed his first year for Full Recognition .  We recently acquired the certification  from vendor for electronic transfer to vendor (PTAN)  for Medicare Diabetes Prevention  Program as a National Member of the exclusive Group of less than 500 organizations that hold the award of recognition. Besides being the  first organization  with this recognition in all the Territories of the United States.


CSDLM is a member of the  committee  Adviser and Consortium of Healthy People 2020 of the United States Department of Health and  from the CDC.  What motivates us to  continue working selflessly for the well-being and health of our people and Global Health.

To be honest,


Emid Núñez Conde

President & CEO


Will Inspire You DPP of Puerto Rico Boar
Our mission

Our mission is to provide prevention and cure to people with Diabetes, Obesity and other chronic diseases through training, tools, training supporting communities to self-manage their health, improving their quality of life, achieving health results, and lowering costs and integrating technological solutions.

Volunteer Medical Director

Since 2010, Dr. Jesús Cruz Correa has honored us with his support, being a bonafide volunteer and the Medical Director of the mission of Dar Vida Haiti.   The doctor  has been constantly involved in each of our projects and missions.  At present it is an important piece  for the Clinical Directorate of the Diabetes Prevention Program  . 

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