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The Group Lifestyle Changes program is a Lifestyle Changes program approved by the


HEALTHY MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY is  Full Recognition provider   by the CDC to distribute the program in Puerto Rico.

For 22 weeks, each participant is guided through a health lesson in a classroom or online physical, social and  psychological to reduce the risks.

Participants are matched up with a group of friends online or in a like-minded classroom for added encouragement and accountability to a coach who will be with you at all available times.

The participant will change a risky consumption for a healthier one wherever they are. Too  take inventory to build  a preventive diet plan and lose weight.

We use smart technology so you can use your  devices,

already synced to your private account so you can have evidence-driven changes to the technology of your everyday devices.  

Each participant is supported by a CDC Certified Lifestyles Coach and the University of Pittsburgh pioneers in the prevention program. The coach will be available at any designated time each day.

The participant will practice skills to make changes in behavior with the food they eat, becoming a detective  of fat and calories with their own diet to correct those eating behaviors to reduce risk.

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